Pastor George De Tellis 1935-2008

Pastor George De Tellis passed away on 26th June after a long battle with cancer.  After many years as a missionary in Haiti, Pastor George came to Sosua with his wife, Jeanne, in 2000 to continue the work of New Missions.
They are probably b…
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Expat Ladies meet regularly for Lunch

Once again the ladies meet for lunch and this time at the Waterfront Restaurant in Sosua.  Once a month a group get together without the men to enjoy a leisurely lunch.
Organized by Carole Read, this very successful outing provid…
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We have baby turtles!

Last night 30 baby turtles hatched from the first nest on the beach, more are due from the second nest. 

Further along the beach, another 70 or so eggs hatched from a less rare turtle who had made her nest in the heart of kitesurfing terr…
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Unbalanced Press Reporting in UK

Angela Hills, head of Health, Safety and Operational Support at the Federation of Tour Operators (FTO) says that British newspapers aren’t publishing relevant tourist information provided by the Dominican Tourism promotion office in London. She added…
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Property Market Still Buoyant on North Coast

According to a recent report in Hoy newspaper, house and apartment sales and new construction have decreased considerably in recent months in the Dominican Republic as a whole, due to rising costs of materials and borrowing. Doub…
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Rare Leatherback Turtle in Cabarete

A rare, Leatherback Turtle appeared on Cabarete Beach just over two months ago and promptly laid her eggs in front of one of the main restaurants.  Since then, residents and tourists alike have maintained a …
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