Dominican Republic versus Cuba

US Presidency may open up tourism in Cuba

The election of President Elect Barack Obama could mark the start of a new international relations strategy for the United States, with many observers mentioning that the new Commander-in-Chief c…
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Foreigners in the Dominican Republic

Interior and Police Minister Franklyn Almeyda has told Listin Diario that a nationwide foreigner registration program would be implemented starting in the first quarter of next year. Foreigners will be issued biometric identity documents. He said the…
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US Election Results – The Dominican Perspective

Barack Obama celebrates victory
The US Embassy hosted Dominicans and Americans alike at the Teatro La Fiesta at the Jaragua Hotel to await the results of the 4 November election in the US. With the results in that Barack Obama would be the next US…
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More Exhibitors Join OPP Show

Change of West Indies stand location to accommodate new participants
As the number of companies and organisations taking part in the OPP Live 2008 Show grows, West Indies Real Estate is moving its stand location to accommodate new meeting points f…
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West Indies Real Estate to Exhibit at OPP Live 2008

The Overseas Property Professionals Show attracts Exhibitors and Visitors from around the world –
West Indies Real Estate will be promoting the Dominican Republic there
The Dominican Republic is becoming the number one choice for investors and th…
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Emergency for West Indies Real Estate Charity

Deadly Flash Flooding in Sosua
This morning, November 1st, 2008, we received a call from our clinic administrator, Susy Cabrera, crying that the entire communities of Villa Maranatha (where our clinic is located) and Sosua Abajo (where s…
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