Dominican Republic Leisure Time

New Opportunities on North Coast
For so many that complain of having little to do on the north coast, there are now so many more options available, like the formation of the North Coast Theatre Company for the community.
Once the first Pl…
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Travel to the Dominican Republic still stable

Dominican Republic remains a popular destination
Despite the worldwide economic downturn, travel to the Dominican Republic has remained relatively stable. Central Bank statistics indicate that there has been a decline in travel of only 2.29% from …
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Yes, we have more bananas

United Nations and Dominican Republic banana producers
Continuing with the banana theme, the United Nations and banana farmers from Azua, Montecristi and Valverde have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at strengthening banana production…
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Another unusual fruit from the Dominican Republic

Tropical Gardening
Following on with the theme of unusual fruits and vegetables, here is something which probably seems familiar but…..  These are red bananas, as grown by West Indies Real Estate’s own Sales Agent, Piet Schenkels. 
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