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A thank you to West Indies Real Estate

An open Thank You letter to West Indies Real Estate, Sosua

To Everyone at West Indies Real Estate in Sosua
Thank you so much for your most generous gift to help the animals here in the Dominican Republic.  We truly appreciate your act of kindness. Your donation is being used to help rehabilitate, shelter and rehome the many dogs in need.
Whilst our main focus is on Spaying/Neutering and education, there continues to be a need to care for animals until they are rehomed. We believe that Spaying/ Neutering and maintaining a healthy, small population of free roaming dogs/cats is the key to preventing overpopulation and the abandonment of unwanted dog/puppies and  cats/kittens. When the availability of animals is decreased, people take better care of the ones they have. A limited number of sterilized, free roaming dogs/cats become the guardians of an area and limit the number of others that may want to join them.  We have seen change here over the last several years and things are getting better. 
As we continue on our mission (and we know we will be at it a long time) people like you give us hope.  Knowing others care gets us through the tough times when there doesn't seem to be enough of anything. 
Thank you again.
Judith Liggio, President,
Asociación de Amigos por los Animales de Sosúa
Friends of the Animals, Dominican Republic
EPS D4145
PO Box 025648
Miami,FL   33102
Phone 1-809-571-1167
If you would like to learn more about this vital organization or to make a donation, please click here.

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