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US Election Results - The Dominican Perspective

Barack Obama celebrates victory

The US Embassy hosted Dominicans and Americans alike at the Teatro La Fiesta at the Jaragua Hotel to await the results of the 4 November election in the US. With the results in that Barack Obama would be the next US President, US Ambassador Robert Fannin told Dominicans that, regardless of the result, the reality remained that the US will continue to be brothers, friends and allies of the DR.

During the event, a mock vote was carried out, and participants gave Democrat Barack Obama an overwhelming victory of 448 votes to 53 for Republican John McCain.

Hoy newspaper reports of a massive Dominican turnout for the polls in the New York and New Jersey area.  PRD president Ramon Alburquerque says a victory by Obama will benefit Dominicans living in the US because Obama's tax plan, which will not raise taxes for 90% of the population, will benefit many low-income Dominicans. Alburquerque described the victory as "sociological, cultural, social and anthropological, that will change the world."

West Indies Real Estate looks forward to forging stronger and stronger links with the United States under the new President, with many of our clients coming from the USA and Canada.


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