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Some Dominican Republic sights....once you get out of the All Inclusive resort!

Feeling out of balance?

This lorry was spotted in Los Charamicos, a colourful Dominican neighbourhood just to the west of Sosua, where the driver found an original way to speed up the tipping process.




1. Local transport....the "motoconcho" (or motorbike taxi).  The record must be the driver and four or five passengers...

2.  Dominican kitchen..although locals may be short of fitted cabinets, their kitchens are extremely well-ordered and the pots and pans sparkle.

3.  Street vendor...selling sugar cane, the original form of gum.  It is like chewing sweet wood and not to be recommended unless your fillings are in tip top condition.

4.  Dominican passtime.  Men, and occasionally women, can be found becoming very animated playing dominoes at the roadside...it is a serious pursuit here.

5.  You need to trust your barber for the original cut throat razor, especially when the traffic is rushing by...many Dominican activities take place in the street.

6..Dominican and Haitian art is very colourful and a popular souvenir for the tourists to take home.  Part of the pleasure is in seeing the painting in progress.

More to follow...watch this space.


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