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Another Reason to Buy in the Dominican Republic

More Safeguards for Owners Renting their Properties

The Supreme Court of Justice has ruled that property owners can set a time limit on rental contracts. The court said that the ruling that prohibits property owners from setting a limit to the rental contract violates the Constitution. The explanation is that the ruling dates back to the 1950s when owners right to limit the term of rentals was restricted because there was a state of emergency. The Supreme Court establishes that the years old decision considerably reduced the number of units on the rental market.

The Supreme Court now establishes that the rental contract will end as established in the written contract, without the need to begin the eviction procedure. 

If you purchase a property via West Indies Real Estate we will give you an indefinite free listing to manage your own rentals on our website.  The potential renters will contact you directly and you will have full control of the whole process.  No commission is charged.  The lovely property shown above is available at a very attractive price - click here for details.




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