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Rare Leatherback Turtle in Cabarete


A rare, Leatherback Turtle appeared on Cabarete Beach just over two months ago and promptly laid her eggs in front of one of the main restaurants.  Since then, residents and tourists alike have maintained a strong interest in the creature, which is an endangered species.  A guard has been mounted over the eggs, which are due to hatch any day now. 

The last time such a turtle ventured into the tourist zone of Cabarete was over 10 years ago, when 101 turtles hatched.  Unfortunately, few of these would have survived the precarious journey that followed to the ocean and adulthood.

We will keep you posted on progress.


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I am touched with this scene. Very nice. Thank you for posting this.
# Posted By cabarete hotel | 3/27/11 2:24 AM
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