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Unbalanced Press Reporting in UK

Angela Hills, head of Health, Safety and Operational Support at the Federation of Tour Operators (FTO) says that British newspapers aren't publishing relevant tourist information provided by the Dominican Tourism promotion office in London. She added that in cases where information is provided, it is relegated to the back page of the papers. Hills said that when bad news happens it is then plastered on the front page of the newspapers. Dominican ambassador to Great Britain Anibal de Castro has also spoken out about the increasing negative press the DR is receiving in the British press. Hills added that most of the reports in British papers are attributed to ambulance chasing lawyers who want to represent travelers who might have fallen ill while in the DR. Last year the DR received 225,157 British tourists, many of whom return year after year.  Whilst there is no room for complacency, many of the "dodgy tummies" etc. can be attributed to over-indulgence in the all inclusive resorts and/or too much sun.

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