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Dominican Republic has greatest natural environment in the Caribbean

Eminent US naturalist Edward Osborne Wilson, on visiting the Dominican Republic for the second time, has urged the DR to increase funding for its protected areas, given that the country still boasts the greatest biodiversity in the Caribbean. He argued that protection makes economic sense because several valuable species inhabit these areas, which are of great interest to the scientific community and medical researchers. The DR has 86 protected areas that cover 12% of the national territory.

Wilson collected important amber pieces with insect inclusions that are on exhibit at Harvard University. He says that he found remains of a million year old insect that today only still exists in Australia.
On the occasion of his visit, the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation presented the 2008 film, "Darwin's Natural Heir," on the life of Wilson, who is a collaborator in research carried out at the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation and its Sustainability Center.

Visitors to the North Coast will find the Amber Museum in Puerto Plata of great interest.




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