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Long awaited Cabarete bypass still on the Agenda for President Leonel Fernandez

President Leonel Fernandez is reinstated for a third term of office...and resurrects a controversial subject for Cabarete

Leonel Fernandez was re-elected as President in May and officially took office on Saturday.



The President set forth a long list of ambitious projects for his administration. Among these projects are a second north-south Metro line for Santo Domingo, and a train from Haina in the south to northcentral Santiago. He called for an alliance between the public and private sectors in order to construct the infrastructure needed that "will guarantee the transformation of the society." He also talked about a long list of elevated highways, tunnels and roadways in the National District. And he promised more projects for the UASD state university. He also said his government would give priority to the remodeling of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center and the Plaza de la Cultura in Santo Domingo.

"Una via lateral", or "lane off to the side", for Cabarete was among the list of priority works mentioned by the President in his speech.  A Cabarete bypass has been proposed for many years and, whilst many believe it will never happen, is a subject of hot discussion.  More news on this as we have it.   


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