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US Travel Requirements

Travellers to US - vital information

Citizens and eligible nationals of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) of the United States need to be aware that beginning 1 August 2008, the US Customs and Border Protection is now asking all to seek authorizations to visit online through the new Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). This does not apply to Dominican nationals, rather to travelers that do not need a visa to enter the US. These VWP travelers are being asked complete an application online seeking authorization to travel to the US. Travelers are encouraged to apply early as effective 12 January 2008, when all VWP travelers will be required to obtain the electronic travel authorization prior to boarding a carrier to travel by air or sea to the US.

VWP countries are Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The Department of Homeland Security recommends that applications be submitted no less than 72 hours prior to travel. In most cases a response will be received within seconds, authorizing travel or not. An authorization to travel is valid, unless revoked, for up to two years or until the traveler's passport expires, whichever comes first. It is also valid for multiple entries into the US. As future trips are planned, or if an applicant's destination addresses or itineraries change after the authorization has been approved, the traveler may easily update that information through the ESTA web site. ESTA explains that the authorization is not a guarantee of admissibility to the US at a port of entry. ESTA approval only authorizes a traveler to board a carrier for travel to the US under the VWP.
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