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The Real Estate market is moving

The best listings don't stay around forever

Whilst some listings may be gathering dust, the most attractive buys ARE selling.  What is it that makes some properties sell and others attract little interest or rejection?




This beautiful listing, described in an earlier blog, is a property which was sure to sell sooner rather than later.  The villa is extremely well cared for and represents good value for money...and now a discerning buyer has recognised its worth and has decided to purchase. 

Neglected or overpriced properties simply do not sell, along with those in the "wrong" location - it is a fact of life. At West Indies Real Estate we pride ourselves on trying to find the right home for prospective buyers and in taking our time to ensure that they are 100% happy with their final choice. 

We also believe it is our duty to be honest with our sellers about their properties.... although this may not always be popular.  

As much of our business comes by word of mouth and recommendation, it is important to us that our buyers and sellers alike are more than satisfied with our service.  Unlike the larger franchise companies such as Remax, Century 21 and Coldwell Banker, which are household names, we really do have to rely on our local reputation.  Whilst the larger companies are well known, the service provided may vary dramatically from franchise to franchise.  We, at West Indies Real Estate, are dependent on our clients recommending us and this is how we obtain much of our business.

If you would like us to help you choose the property which is right for you, or to list your property, please get in touch at info@westindies-realestate.com



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