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Real Estate Tourism in Dominican Republic

Property outlook is great and real estate tourism is booming in the Dominican Republic, says the forecast from the Dominican Association of Real Estate Tourism Companies (ADETI).

U.S. $1.5 billion is invested in real estate property developments in Dominican Republic, says the ADETI President, Juan Bancalari. The real estate tourism prospective is even more upbeat considering the fact that it is expected to attract US$3.0 billion per year within three years.

Marinas, beaches and golf courses are the leading factors that make  real estate tourism and investment in the Dominican Republic so attractive. However, the country has competitors such as the wonderful beaches of Mexico and Central America. For this reason Bancalari, the president of Dominican Association of Real Estate Tourism Companies, says that the country needs to project an image of security for real estate and other types of investments to develop tourism and properties for European and American holiday vacationers.

It seems that the projection of a secure investment environment is working. As real estate development is experiencing a slump in Florida, a local engineering company is looking not only outside of the box, but also outside of the U.S. borders. “Bonita Springs-based Stafford Engineering will open the doors of a new office in downtown Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, on Tuesday and begin offering architectural, engineering, real estate, construction management and business relocation services in the Caribbean Island country.” – reports Naplesnews.com in its July 31, 2007 issue.

The newspaper says that “Other Southwest Florida businesses also are moving into Caribbean markets, Garcia added: Cape Coral-based Bellagio Homes and SJR Development are developing a residential community in the Dominican Republic, and The Jack Parker Corp., a Fort Myers-based real estate development company, is building a mixed-use community in Costa Rica.”

There is a change in tourism and holiday vacationers’ trends. According to Frank Rainieri, the vice president of ADETI, tourism is changing toward real estate tourism. "Before hotels were simply pure hotels. All the large chains of the world (...) are already entering the tourism real estate component. I believe that that already creates the new dynamics of investment in the tourism sector." - Dominicantoday.com.

Tourism, and particularly real estate property tourism, has been among the top five currency generating factors for Dominican Republic. It was this type of tourism that created the boom in the coastal areas of Southern Spain in 1970s and 1980s, which used to be Spain’s most economically depressed areas. Today, due to the real estate tourism and boom in properties, these have become some of Spain’s most developed and attractive areas. The Dominican Republic intends to do just the same by attracting more real estate tourism and emphasising  that investing in the Dominican Republic’s real estate and property market is safe and secure.

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I think that The Dominica Republic is increasing and growing so fast with the tourism, many people that comes from other countries always come back because its simply beautiful, thats why real state tourism its getting bigger in this country and for that matter more expensive for buyers, beaches here are unique, some hotels companies are investing more and more in our territory thats why this country is succeeding in order to put our name beyond the world.

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