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Clini-Clowns to bring joy to sick children in the Dominican Republic

November 2009 will see the launch of 
 of the Dominican Republic

Every child is unique. 
Every child needs tenderness and happiness, especially when they become sick.
Clini-Clowns want to be there for sick, bedridden or disabled children in our local hospitals and hospices. We see that one of the best forms of medicine could be the Clown visiting the children’s ward.
This is not a new idea, but a great idea for those children who really need us.
Through the involvement and support of the North Coast Players Theatre Company we hope that this concept will gain momentum very quickly and attract volunteers happy to play a role as one of our band of Clowns who will make these hospital visits.
Clini-Clowns will be found in hospitals on a weekly basis, to help these children fight isolation and boredom – to provide a temporary distraction from their worries and to spread a little sunshine into that child’s day.
During the course of the years, we will step up our efforts to provide a wider facility for children over a much wider area.  
To start Clini-Clowns in the Dominican Republic, we need all the help we can get. The North Coast Players Theatre Company has committed itself to bringing the idea to the front of everyone’s mind and profits from their first play WAIT UNTIL DARK, in November will be spread around local charities and will include Clini-Clowns to help them get started with their outfits and start up costs.
Whilst not being an expensive enterprise, we need support from everyone and are happy with every contribution! Everything helps!!
Whether that is by offering a donation to buy Clown costumes or pay for Clowns’ transportation to hospital or offering background skills to help grow the organization. 
Does the idea of wearing a bright red nose appeal to you?
We appreciate any and all your support.  We hope that you will find a way to support us on 21st, 22nd and 23rd November at the Casa Marina Reef Amphitheatre at the beginning of Clini-Clowns.
Judith Fox-Hogg
On behalf of
809 856 2962


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