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New Opportunities on North Coast

For so many that complain of having little to do on the north coast, there are now so many more options available, like the formation of the North Coast Theatre Company for the community.
Once the first Play has been performed in November in Sosúa, the Theatre Company will be on the look out for more people who are interested in considering acting, directing or even producing a play. 
The profits from the Plays that are performed will go to local charities.
Equally important and perhaps not so widely known is the intention to create a learning tool for those adults and children who are interested in the theater and wish to try and learn more about the roles of acting and backstage work. To that end, N.C.P. intends holding several acting workshops and talks on the acting and theater profession during the coming year.
In fairness it has been, as usual, hard to find people who were keen right from the start to give up their leisure time to play a role in the formation of the theater company, but with so many people feeling like there is little to do in the evenings, we are hoping that we will see many of them joining us over the months.
‘ ‘I would like to think that the first play will encourage all those with an interest to step forward and come and try out in the auditions for future productions and by that I don’t just mean acting. I would love to see potential producers, directors, stage hands, set designers and lighting people. This is about giving opportunities for all who are interested and getting as much fun out of it as possible - as it should be for a community theater such as this.’ ’    
Judith Fox-Hogg
North Coast Players
There have been many Sponsors come forward to ensure that this play starts out on a strong basis and hopefully the community will support this effort to raise money, by buying tickets for these three charity performances.
On November 21st, 22nd and 23rd at the Casa Marina Reef Amphitheatre, the first season gets off to a thrilling start with the classic play "Wait Until Dark".
  The Cast practising their bows 
  The three criminals


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