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A Wonderful Start to Theatre on the North Coast, Dominican Republic

Entertainment on North Coast Dominican Republic

"Wait Until Dark" is well received

North Coast Players recently opened their first Season with “Wait Until Dark”, a tense thriller. Playing to around 650 people over three days, the sponsors of this first Play and the audiences felt the production was professional, crisp and an excellent attempt, as echoed by this positive review:
"This was a wonderful attempt by a group of amateur-dramatics
enthusiasts that clearly showed how much effort they had put into
creating a professional performance. The décor and lighting were
excellent, though unfortunately the radio microphones sometimes
produced a lot of distortion and you had to listen carefully to
understand the dialogue. But this was just a small technical hitch. The
cast and crew deserve our praise for all their efforts, and we look
forward to watching their future productions."
Click here to see full review.
Sosua News   25th November 2009
As well as providing pleasure to hundreds of local residents and tourists, the production raised substantial sums for three local charities, Island Impact Ministries, Sosua Kids and AAAS (Association of Friends of the Animals of Sosúa).  Each will be featured on the West Indies Real Estate blog over the coming weeks.


For more details of this production and to keep up with news of North Coast Players, click here.

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