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West Indies Real Estate Agent, Piet Schenkels, featured in "Sosua News"

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Sosua Real Estate booming

Sosua News just published a very positive article about the real estate market in Sosua and West Indies Real Estate:
The real-estate business is 'booming' in Sosúa and surrounding areas. Beautiful apartment buildings and villas are currently being built in several attractive locations. Despite the economic crisis, whereby sales all over the world have stagnated, construction companies are very optimistic about the future of Sosúa.
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The government has big plans for the coastal town, and the restructuring development plans have already been completed. The owners of real-estate companies also think that, now that the economy is recovering, the property market will be bigger than ever. Of course, it's also a very good investment, to buy a villa or apartment along the north coast. It is one of the loveliest places on the island, often with stunning views of the deep blue ocean. Wonderful vegetation and landscape (lots of green plants and palm trees) and the continually improving infrastructure are also good reasons to live here. For example, the road to La Mulata has recently been repaved, so that the properties in this area are now a lot more lucrative for potential buyers. Another thing that makes the property market here so attractive is the low prices - which makes the north coast very affordable.
The well-known sales agent, Piet Schenkels, has been working for West Indies Real Estate for around a year now. He used to work as travel guide for Dutch travel agencies, and is also a former supervisor for Arkefly and Sobelair/Jetair. But he decided to retrain as a real-estate agent with West Indies. This company has been an established and reputable real-estate agency in Sosúa for around 25 years now, selling land, apartments, and villas, mostly to foreign investors. They have their own lawyers under contract to ensure that all the necessary documents are handled correctly. These lawyers have been working for West Indies for years now, and are well known for their reliability.

Piet has completed a specialised training course for this sector, including an extensive traineeship at West Indies and
can answer all your questions. However, he also has the advantage that he speaks several languages fluently: his native Dutch of course, plus Spanish, French, English and German.
Piet has lived in the Dominican Republic for around 20 years, and therefore knows a lot about the country. In order to get anything done here, informal contacts are very important. West Indies has now added a very talented real-estate agent, Piet Schenkels, to the team.
Sosua News - 14th December, 2009
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