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New Clinic Opens


  On 18th February, Island Impact opened its newest clinic, or  “Consultorio Popular”, in Cabarete’s La Cienaga community, home to about 7000 people. There is no health care facility there for the underprivileged.   The clinic building is a former boutique.  Remodeling and equipping the new clinic took about three weeks and about $5000.00 to complete.   The clinic has a waiting area outside under cover, an intake area inside, two fully equipped consultation rooms and a well-stocked pharmacy room.  The first days we opened were very busy.  A team of 16 people from Southampton, NY were there to help us inaugurate the clinic.  The press was also there as well as members of the Health Dept.  We have full permission from Dr. Wady Musa, the Puerta Plata Minister of Health to function as a “Consultorio Popular.”   Included on the church team were an American doctor with 36 yrs. of experience, and the manager and a nurse of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of Massachusetts General Hospital, as well as other support staff.   The ministry also employs two talented Dominican doctors who helped the team during the opening days and now work there every Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 2-6PM.  The main clinic in Marantha is open Tuesday and Thursday 2-6PM.   

During the week, Susy Cabrera, our Dominican administrator, organized a team of specialists from Santo Domingo who own equipment such as a sonogram and bone density machine to do a day of testing at the new clinic and a day in the Maranatha clinic. One woman who came for a breast exam was in much fear and apprehension because her mother died of breast cancer recently. She did not want to hear that she might have cancer herself, but eventually got up the nerve to be examined. Her results returned negative for cancer. Hearing the good news, she came out of the exam room in tears because she knew she would survive.   Other patients we examined did not get such good news when nodules or small tumors were discovered.  Fortunately, early detection is a major factor when it comes to cancer survival.  We referred the patients to specialists for further treatment.   It was amazing to see all this and the general consultations happening simultaneously in the new, little clinic which was just an empty building a few weeks prior. All this activity just confirmed for us the great need for a quality clinic in this poor neighborhood.

We returned to Florida on 24/2/09 exhausted but satisfied that what we intended to do, open the new clinic, was accomplished.  The La Cienega clinic opened again without us there on Tuesday 3/3/09 and the people came for their consultation, for which we charged each patient $60 RD.  We have lots of good medicine available in the pharmacy which is included in the consultation price. 

The Fundacion Island Impact Clinic in La Cienaga is located next to the Iglesia de Dios on the Calle Principal.  The main clinic in Maranatha is located on the Calle Principal next to the Iglesia Cristiana 7mo. Refugio.  Please stop by to see the good work going on supported by Dominican businesses such as West Indies Real Estate and Outback Safari.  To see pictures of the new clinic from the beginning go to the website  and follow the links on each page to see the progression updates.  If you care to donate to help us continue this medical ministry to the poor, there is a place on our website to do so.  

Thank you and may God bless you!

Rob & Kelli Nelson

Founders Island Impact Ministries   

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