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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic new Cultural Capital 2010

Dominican Republic General Interest - Culture

New honour for Dominican Republic

President Leonel Fernandez proclaimed Santo Domingo as the Cultural Capital  2010 during a ceremony at the Presidential Palace recently.

Last year the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals in Barcelona chose Santo Domingo to become the first Caribbean and Central American nation to receive this title.

Speaking at the start of the ceremony, Bureau of Cultural Capitals President, Xavier Tudela, said that the Dominican Republic has cultural values for all of the world to see, and that the title will ensure that they will be further projected overseas. 

Along with the well-recognised areas of culture, the Dominican Republic also has some more unusual cultural sights to offer its visitors, such as dancing on rum or beer bottles, as shown in the photo above.  This event regularly takes place at a restaurant in Santo Domingo and was watched recently by West Indies Real Estate's Judith Fox-Hogg and Paul Hogg.  The Dominican Republic has something for everyone!




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