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Dominican Republic key part of reconstruction of Haiti

The Herrera Industrial Association (AEIH) is suggesting that the international community and the Dominican and Haitian authorities propose the creation of an agreement for a long-term development plan involving both countries. According to El Nuevo Diario, the rebuilding of Haiti has to go beyond short-term assistance in order for the country to achieve long-term economic independence. The AEIH, headed by Miguel Cabrera, warned that no matter how much money is spent or how much international aid is channeled into Haiti, the effects will not be sustainable in the long term unless a plan is developed that involves both countries in a strategy that raises production, strengthens commerce and creates jobs on both sides of the island.
The AEIH has expressed its support for the stance taken by Andres Vanderhorst Alvarez, the head of the National Competitiveness Council, who suggested the creation of a development plan that includes elements of production as a complement to the Dominican Republic’s Competitiveness Plan. He proposed the creation of a Hispaniola Cluster so that the two countries could insert themselves into the international marketplace. The AEIH emphasized that the plan would in no way affect the sovereignty of either country.

At the same time, President Rafael Correa of Ecuador visited the Dominican Republic for a meeting with President Leonel Fernandez. He said the purpose of their discussion was to coordinate aid to Haiti. He also overnighted at the United Nations Minustah camp in Haiti and praised Dominican aid to Haiti. “I saw the immense number of Dominican trucks with aid for the people of Haiti. I believe that by working together we can give Haiti the definite push that its heroic people need for the destiny they deserve,” he said at a press conference following the 2-hour meeting.

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