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Orange will provide 3G service in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic General Interest - Orange improves service in Dominican Republic

Better communications on the way

Telecoms company Orange Dominicana has announced an investment of more than US$900 million in telecommunications development in the country, in projects that include the launch of the novel technology known as 3G+, enabling customers to access the internet simply and flexibly.
The access to one of the latest advances in telephone technology will be available to Dominicans beginning next month, as announced by the company yesterday as they hailed the facility that will be offered to the public as one of the decade’s major achievements.

The latest third generation technology Orange Net 3G+, available from February, will provide both data and voice transmission, via phone calls, video downloads, email exchanges and instant messaging, from a laptop, in the home or on a mobile 3G.

Making the announcement, Orange Dominicana president Jean Marc Harion and Orange International president Olaf Swantee stressed that Orange customers would be able to enjoy the Orange 3G+ technology, accompanied by the largest GSM network in the country, and with the greatest value-added options and facilities in the market and resulting in an optimum communication experience. Orange investments in 3G+ are worth more than US$25 million, adding quality to the communications infrastructure in the country. The initial investment made in 2009 with the frequencies in the 900MHz band cover the National District, Santiago and Bavaro. In 2010, the coverage should extend to the main areas of the country and provide service to 50% of the population.

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