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New Administration in many towns in Dominican Republic

Ilana Neumann, new Mayor of Sosua

Sosua in new hands

Following the elections in May, the 190 deputies and 32 senators were sworn in yesterday for the period 16 August 2010 to 16 August 2016. This is an extraordinary six-year term because the Constitution was changed to unite the presidential and congressional election in the same year (2016).

Congress now has seats for 12 new legislators, elected through 2016, as reported in Listin Diario. This includes five new so-called national deputies, and another seven overseas deputies, new categories created in the 2010 Constitution. Previously there were 178 deputies.

As part of this process, at a local level, new leaders moved into position at Town Halls around the country.  Sosua has a new Mayor, Ilana Neumann, who announced a bold list of improvements she aims to carry out within her first 100 days in Office.  Along with improvements to local infrastructure and amenities, the new Mayor aims to promote tourism in Sosua where West Indies Real Estate have their offices.

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