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Dominican Republic best deals for the month of August

Cabarete Commercial Property 

August Special Deals

View the following properties and pick up a bargain before it is too late

2016 Downtown Cabarete Hotel
2842 Cofresi Villa reduced by US$45,000 to US$350,000.
2752 Cabarete Lot in residential development reduced by US$9,000 to US$49,000.
2216  Sosua luxury villa with ocean view reduced by US$120,000 to US$770,000.
2975 Brand new Sosua two bedroom condos reduced by US$20,000 for limited period – now US$155,000.
2983   Beautifully presented three bedroom condos in Sosua reduced by US$20,000 for limited period – now US$177,000
2757   Golf villa in Casa de Campo reduced by US$301,000 to US$999,000.
2569   Luxury villa with magnificent views in the hills above Sosua, reduced by US$340,000 to US$850,000
2838 Land in Rio San Juan reduced by US$42,000 to US$125,000
2355 Penthouse in Cabarete reduced by US$15,500 to US$294,500
1697 Commercial property with six rental studios close to the beach reduced by US$46,000 to US$449,000
2784   Luxury villa in Rio San Juan reduced by US$300,000 to US$4,200,000
2003   Gas Station with commercial locales reduced by US$700,000 to US$2,500,000
1929 Family villa in gated community reduced by US$65,000 to US$285,000
2016 Cabarete Hotel across from the beach reduced by US$300,000 to US$2,500,000
2252 Cabarete condo reduced by US$21,000 to US$139,000
2138  Two storey house on outskirts of Cabarete reduced by US$85,950 to US$146,050.
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