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Voluntary group improving life and business in Sosua

Association for the sustainable development of Sosua

ADSS exists to promote Initiatives for the development of the community of Sosua by promoting fair and competitive investment through culture, sport, security, communication, planning and proper use of natural resources.  Its members come from all parts of the community and from all nationalities.

You can find out more on Facebook, mostly in Spanish but the members also speak English. 

If you would like a copy of their latest bulletin, which includes a review of North Coast Players' recent performance, for which ADSS provided a great deal of assistance, please contact us, requesting the ADSS information.



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North Coast Players bring comedy to Sosua

"Whose Wives are they Anyway,"



The North Coast Players Theatre Company presents a comedy by Michael Parker at the Sosua Conference Center Friday 25th & Saturday 26th February 2011 at 7.30pm.

This fast-paced comedy centers around two men on a golfing weekend, meeting their boss at the hotel and having to find two 'wives' to introduce to her and this is fine until the real wives arrive!

Both performances are to raise money for local north coast charities and to establish the Theatre Company as a regular feature on the north coast.

The event is sponsored by Residencial Casa Linda, West Indies Real Estate, Eric Urbahn & Family, Remax Coral Bay, Casa 21 Hotel & Restaurant, Guzman Ariza law firm and Sea Horse Ranch, among others.

For more information on the play, see www.northcoastplayers.com

Tickets priced 350 pesos are on sale from West Indies Real Estate 809 571 2820 or contact@northcoastplayers.com
North Coast Players was founded by West Indies Real Estate's Judith Fox-Hogg, who is also Producer of this latest play.

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Entertainment on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic

Entertainment on North Coast of Dominican Republic

Do you want to be an actor?

The North Coast Players, the leading English-language theater group, is looking for actors and backstage crew for the new comedy that will be shown at Sosua Bay Resort and a musical review to be held in Cabarete.

The British-American comedy/farce will be “Whose Wives Are They Anyway?” to be shown at the Sosua Bay Resort in January. The comedy is written by well known playwright Michael Parker, who has promised to visit to run a master class-acting workshop for all cast members and any others who wish to attend.

The musical theatre review is “Love…Shaken not Stirred” and will be staged in December.

Judith Fox-Hogg, producer of both the comedy and musical, says they are looking for musical talent in the form of singers and possibly dancers.  The review will be directed by Linda Love, who directed “Wait Until Dark.” The thriller was performed last year for 3 nights to over 650 at the Casa Marina Amphitheater in Sosua, funds went to Sosua Kids, AAAS (the local animal charity) and Island Impact Ministries.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, 9 October at 10am onwards at the offices of West Indies Real Estate at Calle David Stern 6, El Batey, Sosua, next Saturday 9th October at 10am onwards. Fox motivates amateurs to join. “When someone joins us with no background in amateur dramatics, our combined experience comes in handy for teaching the art of performing, with quite a few of us already having acted in shows before.  We can boast of professional actors, directors, lighting, sound and stage designers,” she explains.

For more information, click here or call 809 856-2962.

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Different kind of culture in Santo Domingo

Shoe Shine Boys take to the stage

A heart-warming and inspiring show, "Sounds and Movements of Shoe Shine Boys" will be staged on 9th September starting at 5:30pm at the Plaza de Espana, in front of Pate Palo Restaurant. Some 1,000 boys will receive shoeshine boxes and barrio groups will perform music using the most unusual instruments.

The north coast also has its own cultural activities in the form of North Coast Players, founded by West Indies Real Estate owner, Judith Fox Hogg.  They are currently working on their next production and details will be published in the near future.

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A Wonderful Start to Theatre on the North Coast, Dominican Republic

Entertainment on North Coast Dominican Republic

"Wait Until Dark" is well received

North Coast Players recently opened their first Season with “Wait Until Dark”, a tense thriller. Playing to around 650 people over three days, the sponsors of this first Play and the audiences felt the production was professional, crisp and an excellent attempt, as echoed by this positive review:
"This was a wonderful attempt by a group of amateur-dramatics
enthusiasts that clearly showed how much effort they had put into
creating a professional performance. The décor and lighting were
excellent, though unfortunately the radio microphones sometimes
produced a lot of distortion and you had to listen carefully to
understand the dialogue. But this was just a small technical hitch. The
cast and crew deserve our praise for all their efforts, and we look
forward to watching their future productions."
Click here to see full review.
Sosua News   25th November 2009
As well as providing pleasure to hundreds of local residents and tourists, the production raised substantial sums for three local charities, Island Impact Ministries, Sosua Kids and AAAS (Association of Friends of the Animals of Sosúa).  Each will be featured on the West Indies Real Estate blog over the coming weeks.


For more details of this production and to keep up with news of North Coast Players, click here.

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Wait Until Dark - Live theatre on North Coast of Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic Leisure Time

New Opportunities on North Coast

For so many that complain of having little to do on the north coast, there are now so many more options available, like the formation of the North Coast Theatre Company for the community.
Once the first Play has been performed in November in Sosúa, the Theatre Company will be on the look out for more people who are interested in considering acting, directing or even producing a play. 
The profits from the Plays that are performed will go to local charities.
Equally important and perhaps not so widely known is the intention to create a learning tool for those adults and children who are interested in the theater and wish to try and learn more about the roles of acting and backstage work. To that end, N.C.P. intends holding several acting workshops and talks on the acting and theater profession during the coming year.
In fairness it has been, as usual, hard to find people who were keen right from the start to give up their leisure time to play a role in the formation of the theater company, but with so many people feeling like there is little to do in the evenings, we are hoping that we will see many of them joining us over the months.
‘ ‘I would like to think that the first play will encourage all those with an interest to step forward and come and try out in the auditions for future productions and by that I don’t just mean acting. I would love to see potential producers, directors, stage hands, set designers and lighting people. This is about giving opportunities for all who are interested and getting as much fun out of it as possible - as it should be for a community theater such as this.’ ’    
Judith Fox-Hogg
North Coast Players
There have been many Sponsors come forward to ensure that this play starts out on a strong basis and hopefully the community will support this effort to raise money, by buying tickets for these three charity performances.
On November 21st, 22nd and 23rd at the Casa Marina Reef Amphitheatre, the first season gets off to a thrilling start with the classic play "Wait Until Dark".
  The Cast practising their bows 
  The three criminals


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Sale of tickets for the North Coast Players Theatre Company production of the thriller


have now gone on sale for RD350 pesos  / US $10  each. 

There are three performances

Saturday 21st November, Sunday 22nd November and Monday 23rd November  


Profits go to local charities and they are expecting to sell the tickets fasirly quickly due to the incredible interest this venture has realised.

 The play has a multi-cultural cast which includes Dominicans, Russians, Americans, Canadians, Dutch, Swedes, Haitians and British to ensure this becomes a tradition to ensure anyone feels they can join in.

The website is updated regularly and tickets can be requestd through the email: contact@northcoastplayers.com or by telephoning 809 856 2962

Like so many new ventures, this first production has cost a great deal of money and to ensure continued success, the theater company are looking for altrustic companies or individuals to act as sponsors.  Full details of the sponsorship packages, and their benefits, can be found on thier website





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Production work for WAIT UNTIL DARK well underway!

North Coast Players Theater Company


Full scale Model of the Set made by Set Designer - Bruce West

Production meetings well underway for the play WAIT UNTIL DARK due to be performed later this year in Sosua.

 Meetings got underway this week with the Producer, Director and Stage Director together with set and lighting designers and other members of the backstage crew.


The Theater Group which is supporting three Charities this year

Sosua Kids, Island Impact and the Animal Association of Sosua

is being assisted by the kind help of the Amhsamarina Hotel Group who are hosting the Play at their Casa Marina Reef Hotel Amphitheater.

Details of ticket sales will be posted shortly but for more information go to:

www.northcoastplayers.com or call Judith Fox-Hogg (Producer) at West Indies Real Estate on 809.571.2820


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