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West Indies Real Estate is able to advise on all aspects of property purchase and construction, including building your own country or oceanfront home, renovating an existing property or moving into your turn-key dream villa or condo. Whatever type of realty in the Dominican Republic, we can help buyers to choose an architect and/or interior designer, select a home site for development, understand the basics of planning permission and with the selection of a reputable builder to develop your lot.

Within the Dominican Republic there are a number of practicing Architects and Designers. As with any country, many specialize in varying types of design and offer varying levels of service. Whether you have a particular type of home already in mind, or would prefer to discuss your own individual requirements, we would be happy to help find the right Architect, based on your own lifestyle.

Architects’ fees vary, dependent on the work required, __ a simple one-off charge if buying existing plans to a small percentage for an individual home.

In addition to supplying house plans, the Architect would normally liaise with the local authorities to ensure all permits were in place prior to starting any building.

Architects & Design here in the Dominican Republic

There are a number of local Interior Designers currently practicing in the area, however due to the simplicity of most home designs on the island we would recommend that you discuss your requirements with our Relocation Service before committing yourself to additional fees.


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