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Traveling to the Dominican Republic

Getting to the Dominican Republic is easy with some of the world's top airlines, including American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Jet Blue etc., flying into Puerto Plata , Santo Domingo, La Romana and Samana Airports.  Entry requirements and visas are very simple and getting to this part of the Caribbean is plain sailing.  For those looking for Dominican Republic real estate, the realty of your dreams is just a flight away.

Traveling to the Dominican Republic - Airports

  Punta Cana / Higüey    Punta Cana International Airport   PUJ  
  Santo Domingo   Las Américas-JFPG International Airport   SDQ  
  Samaná (Sánchez)   Samaná El Catey International Airport   AZS  
  La Romana   La Romana International Airport   LRM  
  Puerto Plata   Gregorio Luperón International Airport   POP  
  Santiago    Cibao International Airport   STI  


Traveling to the Dominican Republic - Flight Times from the Dominican Republic to:



8 hours

New York:

3 ½ hours


1 hour



4 hours

Puerto Rico:

½ hour


8 hours


Airlines flying into Dominican Republic


Westjet Air Canada Air Transat
Skyservice Sunwing Airlines Air Europa
Condor Airlines Lufthansa Air France
  LTU Airlines US Airways
United Airlines   Continental Airlines
Jet Blue Delta American Airlines North America Airlines
LAN airlines Copa Airlines British Airways
  TUI UK  
  MyTravel Airlines  



Zoom Airlines Caribair Viva air


Traveling to the Dominican Republic - Pets

It's easy to travel with a dog or cat to the Dominican Republic. To bring your dog a veterinarian certificate, issued for rabies and distemper in the past 30 days of the travel date, is required. If you are traveling with traditional pets, such as dogs or cats, it is relatively painless to get them into the Dominican Republic.Cats require proof of a rabies vaccine indicating inoculation 30 days prior to the animal’s arrival.

Dogs need to have certificate of inoculation against rabies, distemper, lectropirosis, hepatitis, parvovirus given at least 30 days before departure and a certificate of health issued 15 days prior to arrival.

Quarantine is not required for dogs and cats.  Birds do need quarantine
Prior to traveling with your pet, you should call your carrier for more information and the cost of transporting your animal. You should make a reservation early because some airlines restrict how many dogs can be carried onboard. If you are flying on American Airlines make sure your connecting flight is not American Eagle in case your pet does not fit under your airline seat. American Eagle will only transport dogs that fit onboard.

Taking them out of the Dominican Republic

One week before your date of departure, your veterinarian will examine your pet and provide you with a health certificate and advise on any other requirements. Documents must then be taken to the Dominican consulate for certification. 

This certificate is only valid for a week, so it is important not to get it too far in advance. On your travel date, you will need to take the certificate to the Animal Health office (Sanidad Animal) in the airport, where you will be required to purchase stamps. Check with your veterinarian for any recent changes in Dominican law. 
At the airport in the DR you should ask for the animal control person (Sanidad Animal) in the customs area. He will examine your certificate and fill out an official entry form or permission for which you will pay less than US$10. 
You should check with Vida Silvestre Department of the Ministry of Agriculture or Sanidad Animal at Las Americas International Airport prior to bringing in any exotic animal. 

If your pet is not a traditional household animal, there are more steps involved.  For this you will need to seek further advice.

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