Project Management

Project Management

Real Estate Project Management in the Caribbean

Real Estate Project Management here in the Dominican Republic

If you, as the buyer, choose to build your own home but are not resident in the Dominican Republic, we would recommend that you consider employing a project manager to oversee the building work and construction of your home.  Thereby, absent owners can be kept up to date with progress and consulted when necessary on building budgets etc.  Alternatively, if you choose a property that is built to order in a gated community, much of this will automatically be taken care of by your developer and realtor.  Real estate in the Dominican Republic is very flexible and you can choose to build totally independently or secure the best support in the Caribbean if you prefer to put the whole project in the hands of the professionals.

The type of service offered will vary with the fee charged, however we would suggest that you budget around 2 – 5% of the total building cost, excluding land. We would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail at your convenience.

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