Real Estate related Lawyers in the Dominican Republic

Caribbean Real Estate in the Dominican Republic - Real Estate related Lawyers in the Dominican Republic

Real Estate related Lawyers for sellers here in the Dominican Republic

West Indies Real Estate is one of the best realtors to assist sellers in choosing a lawyer, who will be able to give qualified legal advice on buying and selling property, setting up a Power of Attorney if required and real estate closing requirements in the Dominican Republic.  Being at the forefront of the drive for the highest professional standards in the Real Estate sector, we are keen to work with the most reputable lawyers in the Dominican Republic and Caribbean.

Recommended Lawyers for Real Estate related business in the Dominican Republic 

North Coast of the Dominican Republic only

Guzman Ariza & Asociados, S.A.,
Attorneys at Law
Pablo Neruda No. 20, Villas Ana Maria,
Sosua, Dominican Republic
Tel (809) 571-2880  Fax (809) 571 2928

Dominguez Brito & Asociados S.A., Lawyers

Calle Pedro Clisante No. C-1,

El Batey,Sosua (Puerto Plata), Dominican Republic

Tel: (809) 571 2111  Fax: (809) 571 1664



Lisa Legal Solutions,

Attorneys at Law,

Eva Lisa Ewest, Lawyer,

Plaza Pyramida, Calle Alejo Martinez,

El Batey, Sosua (Puerto Plata), Dominican Republic.

Tel: (809) 571 4110  Fax (809) 571 4186



Russin, Vecchi & Herdia Bonetti

Roman Medina Diplan, Lawyer,

Ave. Luís Ginebra, Plaza Turisol Local 11-A,

P.O. Box 650,

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Tel. (809) 586 5535  Fax: (809) 586 5861



Edwin Frias Vargas, Lawyer
Calle Duarte #11 2nd Floor,
Edificio Galería Fuente
Sosua (Puerto Plata), Dominican Republic
Tel: (809) 571 1925 Fax (809) 571 2780

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