Rental Properties in the Dominican Republic

Renting Your Investment here in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Rentals

Many buyers who rent out their property choose real estate in the Dominican Republic purely as an investment, seeing a good deal, whilst others wish to achieve some rental income between vacations or whilst waiting for retirement, when they can move down to their Caribbean realty permanently.  Many gated communities and condo projects offer their own in-house Property Management Service and owners choose to use this, whilst others prefer to employ an independent rental agent or manage the property themselves, if this is feasible.  The internet provides a wealth of opportunities in renting investment properties from a distance.

If you choose to buy a property as an investment you should consider being able to rent throughout the high season and probably for a good part of the low season. We can advise on the more suitable properties at the time of purchase.

You should be aware of all the charges you will need to cover for your property such as maintenance/condo charges and the rental agent’s fees (if you are using one).

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